home to garage doors - what you need to know

4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Automatic Sliding Doors

When you have automatic doors installed for your business, you need to understand how to take care of these automatic doors. Automatic doors require you to take care of them on a regular basis so that they continue to operate correctly. With automatic sliding doors, you need to stay on top of maintenance so that they continue to work properly. #1 Check the Guide Tracks One of the most important things with automatic sliding doors is having a guide track that is free of debris. Read More 

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home to garage doors - what you need to know

Do you have a garage attached to your home? If so, what kind of door do you have connecting the two? Is the door a fire-proof door? Many homeowners neglect to install a door between the house and the garage that can protect the home from a fire in the garage. Unfortunately, I was one of those people. After my house was severely damaged by fire, water and smoke, I quickly found out that a fire-proof door was supposed to have been installed and wasn't. Visit my site to learn how to install a door that connects your home to your garage to protect your home from garage fires.