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Purchasing A New Home? Save Yourself Money By Inspecting The Windows

When it comes to purchasing a new home, you want to perform a thorough inspection of any property you're considering. One of the areas you don't want to overlook during your inspection is the windows. Finding out that there are problems with the windows after you purchase the home isn't exactly a situation you want to find yourself in. Here are some of the things you want to look for when assessing the condition of the windows.


As you walk around the home, take a few moments to open at least one window in every room that you enter. When opening the window you want to pay particular attention to how easy it is to open and close the window. If this process is difficult, this is a sign of a problem.

The issue could be something as minor as the window being painted over, causing it to stick. However, it could be something more complicated like a failing spring mechanism, which is a signal that it's time to replace the window.


You also want to look around the window frame for any signs of moisture, such as wet spots or mildew. Signs of moisture around a window is a clear indication that the window is aged and is starting to detach from the frame.

When it rains, the water collects around the loose area of the window and leaks into the house. This type of problem is bad news for a number of reasons. Not only will you need to replace the windows, but if the moisture has been collecting around the window for a long time, there is likely water damage.

Negotiate For New Windows

If you find a home that you really like, but it has window problems, this doesn't have to be a deal breaker. This is actually a good time to negotiate the terms of the sale. If the windows have considerable damage, offer to proceed with the sale if the owner agrees to install replacement windows.

If the owner is unwilling to do this, get an estimate on the cost of replacement windows and ask the buyer to lower the asking price based on this estimate so that you can purchase them on your own. If you can get the owner to agree to either term, you can still get the home of your dreams without having to replace the windows at your own cost.

Although they are often overlooked, the integrity of the windows in home is very important. Don't overlook a problem that will end up costing you money in the long run. Contact a company like Beyers Window & Door Inc for more information.

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home to garage doors - what you need to know

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